Doctors Making A Difference

They're talented, caring, professional, and committed. They're the physicians of William Osler Health System, and we have to admit that at Osler Foundation, we're big fans. It seems their patients are, too, because every day you trust them with your health and that of the ones you love. But what makes these "Doc Stars" really tick? Find out more about them below –they've answered our questions about why they became doctors, what inspires them, how they feel about the community in which they work and the hospital they love.

Dr. Marc Ossip

Chief of Diagnostic Imaging

“Since I was a kid, it was my dream to be in medicine. I also was, and still am, the type of person who wants to help other people. I started as a radiologist at Etobicoke General over 14 years ago. Coming to Etobicoke General was more of an emotional choice because of the feeling; it has a real team-oriented, family atmosphere. I work with a really great group of health care providers who have their hearts in the right place.”


Dr. Vivek Panchapakesan

Physician, Site Lead, Plastic Surgery

“I have always known that my place in this world was to help people. As I grew up, I gravitated towards the sciences, which eventually led to me to medicine. It is a great honour to be able to help in a way that has a tremendous impact—to the patients personally, but also to the people they love, and the community around them. The one-to-one, human-to-human interaction I have with my patients gives me a sense of gratification that I couldn’t get in another profession.”


Dr. Mahin Baqi

Physician for Infectious Diseases & Infection Control

“I think one of the things that people don’t know about Etobicoke General is the spectrum of diseases we see because we are the hospital for Canada’s largest airport. Treating a variety of tropical diseases are regular occurrences for us, and uncommon for a community hospital.”


Dr. Roberta Minna

Interim Corporate Chief of Surgery

“I’m an immigrant child, and very proud of my parents who taught me to work hard and be good. That philosophy has guided me through my life and my career. I wanted to be a surgeon ever since I can remember. Today, I have a busy practice, I’m able to take care of patients, I’m a parent and I feel very proud that I am able to accomplish all of that.”

Dr. John Morrell

Dr. John Morrell

Urologist, Etobicoke General Hospital

“Etobicoke is my home, where I grew up. My mother has volunteered at Etobicoke General for years, and as a kid I must have put in 200 hours volunteering here. The hospital’s size makes it spectacularly efficient. I know most of the people at the hospital on a first name basis. If you need something done you just talk to somebody and things happen. It’s like family, and everybody’s in it for the same reason.”