We're almost there, but we can't finish the job without you.

Many people don’t know that not all funding is covered by the Ontario Government. The Government funds 90% of the planned upgrades and expansions. However, it is expected that fundraising within the community will provide:

  • 10% of construction costs and
  • 100% of the funds for equipment for all three hospitals

Right now is when your donation will mean the most.
Our innovative planning and expansion will revolutionize everything from emergency visits to managing chronic disease; from life-saving cardiac care to education on healthy lifestyles. We are on the cusp of creating health care history, but we can’t finish without your help to:

  • transform Etobicoke General, with its new, four-story wing
  • equip the new Peel Memorial, which is changing the shape of health care for you, your family, and your friends, and
  • increase access to high tech diagnostics and services at Brampton Civic, as it changes and evolves to meet the needs of the growing community.

What this really means is, you have the power to do something great!
Yes, your gift will help build bright healing spaces and provide our skilled physicians and staff with the equipment and technology they need to do their job.

The real impact, though, is felt by the mom whose baby girl arrives early and needs some special care; by the son whose asthma is kept in check with medication and a special clinic that teaches him and his parents how to manage his condition; by the grandfather whose survives a heart attack and goes on to live a healthier life, thanks to the cardiac care he received, close to home.

It’s felt by the tens of thousands of patients – and their families – whose lives are changed, saved, and improved, because of you.

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