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Etobicoke matters

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The new patient tower has opened but it still requires equipment and furnishings.
Without the vital signs monitors, IV stands, stretchers, ultrasound machines, CT scanners, computers, furnishings and much, much more…the space is a series of empty rooms.
Your gift of $25,000 will help us fully equip one of the many patient examination rooms in the Ambulatory Care Clinics; Urgent Care; Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Clinic; and Centre for Seniors and Rehabilitation.
It will help us care for an ill patient. Rock a tiny infant to sleep. Help us save time and prevent hospitalization.
A typical exam room requires a stretcher, vital signs monitoring equipment, an oxygen flow meter, mobile exam light, procedures cart, computer, table, chairs, and more. Paediatric exam rooms are also equipped with a rocking chair, infant scales, and a special paediatric exam table.
In recognition of your generous $25,000 gift, you will have the opportunity to select a room to proudly display an attractive and lasting plaque, commemorating your gift. There is a wide range of rooms to choose from and many options around the naming opportunity. You can choose to name the room for yourself, or in honour of a group, company, or perhaps a loved one.
At the same time, your gift will inspire others to follow your lead.
You can make your gift to Osler Foundation in many ways – a multi-year pledge, donation of stock, a monthly donation – whatever is most convenient for you. To discuss which giving opportunity would fulfill your vision and the legacy you wish to create, please contact:
Shari Lovelock, Director, Major Gifts
(416) 494-2120 ext. 32638


Every area of the hospital requires specially designed carts, including procedures carts, IV carts, resuscitation carts, paediatric resuscitation carts, and anaesthesia carts.

Vital Signs Monitors

Non-invasive monitors provide accurate and fast readings on temperature, pulse, breathing and blood pressure to evaluate a patient’s health.

Intravenous (IV) Stands and Infusion Pumps

From helping to administer saline solutions to rehydrate sick children to infusing antibiotics to battle an infection, IV stands are essential. The Infusion pumps will manage the rate of flow.


These stretchers will safely transport patients and provide a comfortable place to rest during diagnosis and treatment.

Oxygen Flow Meters

Whether providing relief from an asthma attack to life-saving oxygen for those suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, this equipment can help treat patients and prevent hospitalization.

Wall-Mounted Ophthalmoscope/Otoscopes

These scopes are some of the most commonly used diagnostic tools, allowing physicians and nurses to quickly check patients’ eyes and ears.