Cardiology, Respiratory and Neurodiagnostic Services

Our new cardiorespiratory and electrodiagnostics unit bring all of our cardiorespiratory and electrodiagnostics services together in one large, bright, self-contained space. This is more convenient for patients – particularly those with heart disease and breathing complications.

With its increased size and dedicated function, patients will have access to the advanced diagnostics and care they need, when and where they need them.

Dedicated space will be available to educate patients about their disease – such as asthma, a prevalent chronic condition. With knowledge and training, patients learn how to avoid hospitalization and enjoy a better quality of life. The new unit will include:

  • New services, including a chest pain clinic
  • Bigger, brighter dedicated space to support patient education
  • Rooms designed for maximum flexibility to take advantage of future advancements

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