A Legacy of Caring

You have the power to ensure the legacy continues.

Today, Brampton’s population has grown in size and diversity. Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness revolutionizes health care, with a new emphasis on maintaining wellness and working with other health partners to maximize efficiency.

Peel Memorial is nothing less than a new standard in health care. One that uses innovation to improve results and reduce costs. One that is based on the idea that the health of a community depends on thinking and working together – an integrated system that provides all the health care needs most people will need in their lifetime.

More importantly, Peel Memorial means more efficient, more effective care for you, your loved ones, your friends, and your community.

Four reasons why change – and your help are needed now.

Today, the pressures facing Ontario’s health care system and the areas served by Osler’s hospitals are enormous.

  1. In Ontario, more than 80 per cent of health care dollars are used for five per cent of the population – most often those with one or more chronic health conditions. Demand is steadily increasing and costs are rising rapidly.
  2. Osler’s hospitals serve a community with a wide variety of needs. In additional to being culturally-diverse, the region has a rapidly-growing senior population. Within Ontario, we have one of:
    • the fastest-growing populations
    • the highest birth rates
    • the highest rate of diabetes amongst adults
  3. As people develop one or more chronic diseases they are at risk of experiencing acute conditions that may require extended, expensive and intensive inpatient care. Our current practice of reactive, acute health care is no longer sustainable, and increased capacity is needed.
  4. Building a sustainable health care system that meets the needs of our community requires a new way of thinking - a new and deliberate shift of focus to prevention and health maintenance. It takes the kind of thinking represented by the new Peel Memorial.

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