A new health care model

Something unprecedented has taken shape in Brampton.

Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness serves as the next chapter in health care and a catalyst for establishing a truly integrated approach to the delivery of care. It maximizes the potential of all three hospitals within William Osler Health System and builds on the strengths of other organizations in the community. This is an essential step to creating a local system focused on health, wellness and service delivery and Osler is proud to be leading the way for Ontario and Canada.

Peel Memorial - A new approach
This state-of-the-art hospital represents a shift to a new approach to health care that focuses on prevention and health maintenance.


This truly integrated model of care does three things:

  1. Proactively manages patient care to enhance quality while reducing costs.
  2. Maximizes the potential of community resources – including Osler hospitals – and builds on the strengths of other health care providers in the region.
  3. Puts patients at the centre of the process – services wrap seamlessly around the needs of the individual, including education and support, to prevent and manage illness and maintain wellness.

Peel Memorial is our – yours and ours – opportunity to put Osler’s vision of patient-inspired health care without boundaries into action. It offers an exceptional venue to put into practice the newest research in health care and deliver outpatient services in a patient and family-friendly environment that is well-coordinated and cost-effective.

You have the power to … create state-of-the art.
It is the ideal environment in which to collaborate, develop innovative solutions, and improve patient results in a cost-effective way. A health and wellness centre that supports disease management, healthy living and smart lifestyle choices. And a warm, welcoming environment for patients, visitors and staff.

You have the power to … ensure a patient’s seamless health care journey.
Improved methods to share patient health information increase efficiency and result in smoother patient transitions between departments and facilities, both Osler’s and our partners’.

You have the power to … provide a wider range of care
Over time, Peel Memorial will partner with other health providers, such as naturopaths and chiropractors, so that Osler can offer more health care options and a more unified, accessible health care system.

We’re also incorporating new kinds of partners, such as local universities and colleges, to explore ways to advance applied medical research.

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