Q. When did Peel Memorial open?

A. Peel Memorial opened its doors to the community in February 2017.

Q. What services are at Peel Memorial?
A. Peel Memorial includes specialty clinics, day programs and services, high-tech diagnostics, day surgery, an urgent care centre and more.

Q. When should I go to Urgent Care and when should I go to the Emergency?
A. Urgent Care is designed to deal with patients with a non life-threatening illness or injury.

Q. What will happen if I go to Peel Memorial, but require Emergency Care?
A. Patients who require the services of an emergency department will be transferred promptly to the emergency department at Brampton Civic Hospital.

Q. Now that Peel Memorial is opened, does this mean that all the funds have been raised?
A. Osler Foundation continues fundraising for Peel Memorial to support its equipment needs. With more than 9,500 pieces of equipment to fund, additional fundraising is necessary to cover these costs.

Q. Are there beds at Peel Memorial?
A. Peel Memorial will be built in phases. Phase one has allowed us to respond to immediate priorities. A 325,000 square foot outpatient facility is the heart of Peel Memorial, with specialized surgical, acute and preventative care services to keep this community healthy.

Phase two sets a course for the future: an inpatient care facility that will meet the evolving needs of our aging community, including continuing complex care and rehabilitation. This multi-floor tower with 200 beds will be open 24/7.

A third phase – the partnership phase – overlaps phases one and two. Extensive partnerships will integrate complementary health care services within the community to expand the multi-disciplinary list of services and programs available.

Q. How much must be raised through community donations to build and equip a new facility like Peel Memorial?
A. The Ontario Government funds 90 per cent of the construction costs. The remaining 10 per cent of the construction costs and 100 per cent of the equipment costs, including technology and diagnostics, must be raised within the community. This is known as the ‘local share’ or ‘community share’.

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