Women's, Children's and Adolescents' Health

Nearly 7,600 babies are delivered at Osler hospitals each year, making the Labour and Delivery programs at Osler’s hospitals one of the busiest in Ontario. Early care and education for mothers will help ensure that babies have the best possible start for a healthy future.

As they grow, children continue to need excellent health care and education. At Peel Memorial, children and adolescents will find services catering to their needs, such as our life-changing asthma clinic, and an emphasis on how to form and maintain good health for a lifetime.

Women will find a focus on the unique health needs they experience throughout their lives.

It seems simple, but it takes an extensive list of partners to ensure each person reaches their potential for good health. Peel Memorial provides:

  • a focus on wellness and prevention to help mothers and newborns get a healthy start through paediatric services, maternal and newborn care, and gynaecological and obstetrical services
  • prenatal education and monitoring programs to ensure babies are as healthy as possible
  • specialized short- and long-term paediatric clinics
  • support to the local health care system to provide more seamless care – particularly during the transition period when patients move from paediatric to adult care
  • increased access to gynaecological procedures and screening services such as mammograms and bone density scans, to maximize their health at all stages of life

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