You Have the Power

You can make sure your father gets dialysis in comfort.
You can share the excitement of your daughter’s first ultrasound.
You can help your friend be treated for heart disease, faster.

The power to make sure that you, your family, your neighbours and friends get exceptional care, right in your neighbourhood, is in your hands.

There’s a transformation taking place in your neighbourhood hospitals.

Brampton Civic, Etobicoke General and Peel Memorial are rethinking every aspect of how to provide health care for generations to come. There’s a new emphasis on teaching patients how to stay healthy. More patient-friendly facilities. A new emphasis on how hospitals and health care partners can work better together, complementing their capabilities, to ensure maximum efficiency and better emergency care.

William Osler Health System Foundation (Osler Foundation) is committed to ensuring the funds are there to make all this happen. But we need your help. Many people don't know how much money must be raised in the community to cover construction and equipment costs in our hospitals. The Province of Ontario funds 90% of the planned upgrades and expansions. However, it is expected that fundraising within the community from you, your neighbours, and your friends, will provide:
• 10% of construction costs and
• 100% of the funds for equipment for all three hospitals

You have the power to be part of something extraordinary.

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