Real Patients. Real Stories.

Each person featured in our You have the Power campaign is a real patient with a real story. Each person is profoundly grateful for the exceptional care they have received right here in Brampton. Each appreciates the role the community played in funding the equipment and facilities that were there for them. And each has agreed to step forward and lend their story to inspire others to give.

Each of these patients – and tens of thousands more just like them – will benefit from Peel Memorial.

CapCampaign_Baby.jpg   This baby arrived a bit earlier than expected. Today, she is healthy and growing. She and her mother will turn to Peel Memorial for years to come as she grows.
CapCampaign_Boy.jpg   This Brampton teenager required emergency care at Brampton Civic, care which will soon be available at Peel Memorial.
CapCampaign_CT.jpg   This gentleman is having a CT to check if a problem is an early stage of cancer – a disease which has claimed both his older and younger brothers in the past three years. 
CapCampaign_Gurney.jpg   The gentleman received knee surgery through our day surgery program, which soon will be offered at Peel Memorial. He is well and working toward a full recovery to resume the activities he enjoys, in his retirement.
CapCampaign_Mom.jpg   The mom received care at Brampton Civic. When she is through her treatment, she will have two great hospitals to choose from in the future.

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